Monday, January 24, 2011

.character development 1.

This fist blog will be about my newly created character who I call Mr. Jack. This new style of mine is greatly influenced by the Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett, and my good friend Matt Nelson.
Mr. Jack looks like a band member/ government agent but is neither and yet could be both. I have a mental image of him as a guy who randomly shows up at church and weddings. Through the early stage of him being a government agent with large glasses and actual eyes I envisioned him being darker. So I took away his eyes and made a black liquid draining from his empty eye sockets. That was the first step.
I gave him a nasty habit of smoking cigarettes and his personal 'effects' of a silenced pistol.
The next step of change that Mr. Jack underwent was the razor sharp teeth. I was a little worried that maybe he was too dark but then I thought of what this character meant to me. He was the symbolism of what Americans have become. The evil that he wears and does is almost mockery of morals as he always appears happy. But take this lightly because he really doesn't have a solid meaning for symbolizing something. That was something I thought of after he was already created.
The final addition I have given Mr. Jack is the long pointed tongue that hangs out of his sharp toothed mouth and the shoe-less foot.
More changes may come but I am really happy with this guy I've created. Ill keep his profile and story updated as I continue to work on his character.

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