Thursday, January 6, 2011

.enough questions.

I just finished reading Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". All through the story the main character Meg is constantly asking questions and quite frankly she becomes annoying. Im not going to tell what the story is about because my main point is on asking questions.

Our culture today is set up to tell us whatever we want to know. Everything is at the tips of our fingers with the internet. But is it all true? School science books tell us that our universe is billions of years old, and that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteor. But were they? We assume because of what we are told, and the fact that there is no other "answer" out there, that it is true.

As Christians we are told by God to obey His Word, the Bible. In Genesis God destroyed the earth with a massive flood. But before this he commanded Noah to construct a massive boat and to take two of every KIND of animal. Not species, this is where people doubt the size and capacity of the ark.

This flood was so massive and powerful it covered the highest mountains and swept away everything into destruction and death. God was unhappy with man and what he had caused the world to be so God was restarting. We look at fossiles and the sedimentary soil layers they were buried in. This flood was so massive and powerful that it swept soil and animals all over the Earth and deposited them in layers as the soil and debris settled on the bottom.

Everything was destroyed. We have the evidence, but millions and millions of years of soil deposits seems more rational than a few months or years. Why dont we question the age of the earth? Or the validity of carbon dating? Have we become too lazy or prideful on our findings to question them? As citizens we want answers but dont want to put effort to find the truth. After all...the truth is out there. God has given us the evidence of the truth. Through creation, through His son, and through our capacity for faith. We are His beloved creations but like a puppet who has cut the strings and tried to live on his own.

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